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World Poetry Day : Slow Poison By Stewie Le Savage

World Poetry Day Picture : Online
World Poetry Day Picture : Online

The day came and they celebrated
Wind blowing
Minds blown away by the zeal to meet him
He grew into her
Their dreams shattered
They judged!

They concluded their conclusions, concluding a diagnosis of some mental illness
They dug graves to bury her
In him she still exists
Boy! They call her
You becoming a woman is a Zimbabwean dream in a white men’s world
She questions
Was I placed on the wrong side of the atlas?

Deeper they dug holes in her heart
Pain became her daily bread
The scars she embraces
The beautiful tattoos of hate, hurting an innocent girl labelled a curse in the Nubian society
A woman with a Willie?

They question
With fear she conforms
Accepts him with a bleeding heart
Trying to find ways of deflowering their uncivilized mind-sets
Just that hymen shielded by Pride
Slowly she dies inside.

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