Home News Girl got Mzansi talking after confessing that she is dating her stepfather

Girl got Mzansi talking after confessing that she is dating her stepfather


A South African girl has shattered the timeline after confessing that she is in a love triangle with her stepdad, who is also a pastor, to fix her mother.

The lady, Paballo Maseko, revealed on Twitter that her mother used to mistreat her growing up. She said:

“My mother never loved me. She cared about everyone else except me. She would buy my siblings clothes and not me… not even a box of pads. So I took advantage of her and my stepfather’s marital and sexual problems to get everything I want.”

After all the mistreatment from her biological mother, she decided to deal with her mom. Paballo’s mom used to work at a retail store, and while she was at work, Paballo would wear skimpy clothes to seduce her unsuspecting stepfather.

As a man of the cloth, the stepdad tried to resist this temptation, but the flesh unfortunately prevailed, and he chowed his wife’s daughter.

After that, Pastor bae would give Paballo money for clothes, a phone, nails, hairdos, school trips and sneakers.

The lady immensely enjoyed the escapades, and she divulged to a former friend from Church. She told someone else, and the rumour soon spread in the Church.

Paballo’s pastor stepdad was removed as the leader, although he denied it and accused her of having demons. She was then banished from the Church.

Her mother threw her out of the house, and she promised to give her stepdad the cookie for free.

Despite all the embarrassment and shame, Paballo and her stepdad continued their romps. They broke up three years ago, and the Pastor is still bitter.

The story shook Twitter users.

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