About Us

Who are we

Formed in April 2014, Urban Culxure is a multi-award winning online arts and entertainment magazine that has the mandate to inform, educate and entertain the Zimbabwean audience in different parts of the world. Our site is a citizen journalism platform which focuses on the arts and the creative sector.

What we do
Content Creation- Urban Culxure is a content creating media platform. The magazine covers stories and events to do with music, film, theatre, modelling, fashion, lifestyle and sport.

Event Previews- We provide sneak previews of upcoming shows and events taking place in the show business.

Live Twitter Updates – Creating conversation through live Twitter updates at events also enables the possibility of the event trending. Our live-tweeting has created a niche market for our content to have a far-reaching scope.  Guaranteed we are one of the most preferred brands for live tweeting.

Social Media Consultancy – We also offer consultancy and social media advisory services to artists and companies who want to improve their online media presence.

For who – Our content target demographic is technologically savvy young people who constitute the highest number in Zimbabwe and the World Wide Web (World). Where are we – We are an online based (international) located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Awards and Honours

2016 – Shoko Festival Your Voice Award (Winner)

2016 – Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominee

2017 – Outstanding Online Media: Bulawayo Arts Awards (Winner)

2018 – Outstanding Online Media: Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (Winner)

2019 – National Arts and Merit Awards (NAMA) Outstanding Online Media Nominee