CurateByo Scripts: CurateByo African Book Club

I sat down with Angelbert M Wamambo and he had some interesting things to say about African Literature. @DearAngelbert gave me his view of...

Minority languages in arts – Focusing on Wa-BB

This week we touch on the issue about minority language artists. Do they exist and are they good enough? According to the constitution of...
khuliyo and Mjox On Stage Picture by Mgcini Nyoni

Bulawayo A Talented City Without An Audience

They say Bulawayo is the hub of talent. From musicians, dancers, actors, painters, designers, poets, writers, sportsman to comedians. But the supportive crowd is difficult...
CurateByo Scripts

Curate Byo Statement

Hello good people! CurateByo will be running a weekly article titled “CurateByo Scripts” which will see various issues about Bulawayo being tackled. This week we...

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