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The #Shoesday Selection: Sneakers

Also known as takkies, runners, athletic shoes and tennis shoes, sneakers  were primarily designed for sporting activities due to their rubber soles, but nowadays...

The #ShoesDayTuesday Selection – High Heels

High heeled shoes are shoes whose heels are significantly higher off the ground than their toes.  While it is tempting to  normally would assume...
Short Hair Pic : Online

Short Hair Fashion

  While some people love long locks, weaves and braids, others prefer short clean cut hair. I am not talking about school kids who are...
Sandal Picture : Pinrest

The #ShoesDayTuesday Selection – Sandals (A History Lesson)

This week ,we are talking Sandals, the open type of footwear we love to wear especially in the warm weather . Sandals date back...
Five Minutes With : The Gorgeous Fashionpreneur Georgia Moyo

Five Minutes With : The Gorgeous Fashionpreneur Georgia Moyo

Confidence, intelligence and sexiness. These words pop up when one spends five minutes at the most in the presence of rising Fashionpreneur Georgia Moyo....


Black-ish mega-star and funny woman Traci Ellis Ross stepped out for the Marie Claire Image Makers Awards last week in a comfortable looking red...
How to wear the Christmas Red without Looking like Santa this December

How to wear the Christmas Red without Looking like Santa this December

Ever wondered how to rock red in December without looking cheesy? Monde Black gives us an insight on this year's trend to answer you...

One on One with Fashion Designer Nkululeko Ncube

It’s December, and while we were still revelling in the magnificence of the 2017 Angel of Death collection; Ara Kani stunned us on what’s...
Black Dress by Style Squad Zim

Check out sizzling black summer trends

When you think about summer ,only bright colours, flowers  bright prints is what you envision to wear. Well, let me show you some of...
Stylish Bulawayo Samue Moreyour dressed on the ombre trend

Spring/Summer ’17 : ombre is the new floral

In the previous article, Monde Black emphasised on how big the head-wrap/ turban is this spring; and I concur. It’s not just an African...

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