The Chitenge a must have Attire…

A chitenge is the name given to the African print fabric in Zambia and Malawi. African prints have taken the fashion world by storm....

Unique Sibanda: A lover of Fashion and Fabrics

One quote goes "if you love something set it free if it comes back its yours if it doesn't it was never was" Once...
Mzoe 7 Picture By Mgcini Nyoni

Bulawayo Arts Awards Launch : Who Dazzled, Who Shined & Who Flopped

The much anticipated launch of the Bulawayo Arts Awards has come and gone. The event held at the prestigious Bulawayo Club was over-spilling with...
Miss Professional contestants2015

Meet the models at Mr. & Miss Professional 2015

The auditions for this year’s Miss Professional pageant took place at the Horizons Restaurant and Bar on the 7th of March 23, 2015. It...

Why Models are slim and tall

Sometime last year I met a lady that looked through my runway collections and the first question she asked was why I seemed to...
Lupitar (Box Cut)

A trip back to the 90’s

In every season in fashion people are seen to borrow trends from the past and recently people worldwide seem to have adopted the fashion...

Linda Chikerema Zim’s freshest Diva

Born on the 11th of August 1986 Linda Chikerema is the third out of 4 children,"I was serious tomboy up to the age of...

8 staple pieces every working woman should own.

The internship interviews have come and gone and some did not get that place for attachment not because they did not do well at...
Red High Heel Winter Boots: Source:

Time to be Boot-licious

Summer and autumn have come and gone and it is time to say hello to winter. Now, winter is one of the trickiest seasons...
Everything bridal # The wedding checklist

Everything bridal # The wedding checklist

Getting married is every girl's dream when growing up. Every woman has a picture of what their big day should be like. They also...

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