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Meet The Zimbabwean Stars...
5 reasons people get wasted Pic by @Mandladacomedian

5 reasons people get wasted

We are coming from a long weekend which was action packed with different events and activities lined up across town, well Some got drunk...
5 Interesting things you can do during a Kombi ride

5 Interesting things you can do during a Kombi ride

Okay if you are on this blog post you are probably wondering what things can you do during your kombie ride. Well, I have...

Tech-ing over the City of Bulawayo: TechFest 2017

By Angelbert Wamambo- So I’m sure you’ve come across colorful posters and technical words like hack & code all over your social media timelines...

Ten things you didn’t know about “The Dot”

Has worked with award winning producer Oskid on a song titled *Magaya Money* which will be on his album #SoFarSoGood

Ten things you didn’t know about Breeze FM Radio personality ” Tinashe Okamaskhosana Rodrick”

Bonus! he Started the #hashtag & movement #OurKidsNeedHeroes

Meet Ms Kontrol Tribe – LaToya

As you all know its Ladies Month this August as always,we met up with the Lady that knows how to have FUN,yes,that one ukwaz'...
urban culxure

Project X Movement Set To Change Matshobana Township

Globally, roughly 13 million hectares of forest fall to the blade or fire each year. Such deforestation has long been driven by farmers eking...

Meet Award Winning Hip Hop Mogul : Naboth Rizla

He is a Hip Hop Lover a talented rapper and emcee. He started as an Artist but grew his craft by day.He is one...

Meet Reggae Star: Gabzfire

Gabriel 'Gabzfire' Nyandoro is professional Musician (performing artist) and music producer with a career spanning over 28 years. Through the years, he has helped...

Meet Marshal Chiza A Man Driven With Ambition

It was during a recent visit to my favourite local library that I met up with the young, ambitious author, Marshal Chiza. The Bulawayo Public...

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